Wednesday, June 10, 2015

One More Bit of Ruin

Over the weekend, we were at a wedding.  T's niece.  It was a pleasant weekend.

When we came home on Sunday afternoon, we found that trouble was brewing.  It seems that there is someone who, through the wonders of cyber connectedness, has put us all together; Tom, T, me, and the niece.  Niece is receiving nasty phone calls and texts, from at least two different phone numbers, suggesting that she does not really know what sort of people we all are, and directing her off to look at our online profiles.  There is no secret about our relationships with one another.  The niece knows who we are, and how we are.  She's a dear young woman, and she is, understandably, worried for us all.

When one of these storms breaks over us, it is always a place of uncertainty.  How exposed are we, and what is the level of risk?  How should we move to protect and shelter us from the inexplicable and unpredictable outside world?  Who might this be, and what motivates them?  Why?

Image result for ruinAt any rate, I have deleted all of the spanking pictures.  All of them.  No more evidence exists of the life that once was.  It is all gone.  What remains are blank, empty, place holders.  I feel that as an enormous loss.  But it is, or was, necessary.

So much ruin.  So many necessary losses.  So much of our history -- just wiped away, and gone forever.  I wonder when the losses will stop hurting.